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Hitachi Micro Clinic : A Cable to Cloud System Integrator

Anuj Gupta
CEO, Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic


“The India market is very interesting at present. Definitely with digital disruption going on, business is doing really good. There are traditional business which are struggling for early scale out but the time is really great for new age, technology driven businesses. So it is a very difficult and different era right now. At this time we are at the cusp of digital disruption. We will see a lot of technology innovations, a lot of companies transforming; so it’s a process where you say it’s a destructive as well asa destructive disruption. Companies have to be agile and have to look at Cloud and new areas of technology – AI, ML, Integration, and to enhance customer satisfaction. The attention span of a customer from a business standpoint is very small. If your reach to consumer is not coming in the right way, you will never grow.

Right from doing PC, laptop, desktop, storage, networking all the way to cloud, we do end to end system integration projects. With the Hitachi brand and the global reach that we have, we are the key differentiator in the market now. There are Tier 1 Sis and Tier 2 SIs and we fall in between them.  

BFSI, Government, PSU, Manufacturing, we serve verticals all across the spectrum. Now we are focusing on new age business like start-ups or technology driven businesses to really understand how we can make a difference.”    


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