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By VARINDIA    2017-10-16

Is your Instagram account safe ?

Instagram crashes again and your account could be of 6,000,000 hacked ? Users around the world vent their frustration on Twitter after service goes down for the second time in a week and with this hundreds of Instagram users reported they could not access the service's app. The fact is hackers were able to exploit a bug that opened details when a user was asked to reset their password. They intercepted email addresses and phone numbers after sending false password reset requests and with this hackers could have accessed six million accounts and created a database of details on the dark web.


Mike Krieger is co-founder and chief technology officer of photo-sharing application and service, Instagram, which was acquired by Facebook Inc., in April 2012, Instagram, believes above 5% users are in India and India as one of the high growth markets. Mike said: ‘We quickly fixed the bug, and have been working with law enforcement on the matter. Although we cannot determine which specific accounts may have been impacted, we believe it was a low percentage of Instagram accounts.


A smaller number of Facebook users also experienced issues. The problems were widespread, with users in the US, UK, Australia, Japan, Europe, South America , South East Asia and India as well is the reporting issues. Angry users around the world vented their frustration on Twitter as they found themselves unable to log in to the service.


The hack came to light after Selena Gomez’s account was illegally accessed last week and naked pictures of her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber were leaked online. Users have reported the service is now back up and running as usual. Facebook, which owns Instagram, declined to comment. Hackers are selling email and phone number data allegedly belonging to Instagram accounts that they say they scraped before the flaw was fixed.


The fact of the live is ,pictures you have is our own and personal and sharing photos with friends through email is safe but posting through social networking sites and blogs is unfortunately most dangerous . Not only can photos be stolen and used by strangers, but many photos, especially those taken by phones, contain tags that reveal exactly where the photos were snapped. In other words, if a parent takes a photo of his or her child playing at home and then posts it online, it's possible for strangers to know exactly where they live. However, there are some ways and means on how to protect themselves and their families when posting photos online . A few simple steps can dramatically reduce your chances of falling victim, and there's no need to give up photo-sharing altogether.

Hackers can use phone numbers and emails to find out a lot about a person. For example, an attacker could take over a phone by hijacking its SIM card and gain access to accounts associated with the phone number.


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