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Kaspersky Lab brings forth Threat Management & Defense landscape in India

Kaspersky Lab has presented an insightful topic on the Threat Management and Defense landscape in India at the ongoing CISO Summit. Kaspersky Lab’s Shrenik Bhayani and Leonard Sim spoke from their rich experience on the subject. They spoke in great detail about the Threat Management and Defense landscape in India and the world.


After giving a brief overview on India’s Threat Incidents, Shrenik proceeded to outline the primary and most common targets for hackers, viz. Telecom, Medicine, Finance and State sectors. He further elaborated how companies can stay ahead of these threats, and how Kaspersky’s cutting-edge solutions have thwarted numerous such threats that have potentially saved companies across the world billions of dollars. Leonard added how Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack platform has yielded great results and the benefits of its Adaptive Security Network.


They explained in their presentation about how India is affected by these threats through numbers. India has 27.4% users who were affected by web-borne threats, 62.7% users were attacked by local threats. They informed that India ranks at 33rd place worldwide in web-borne threats, 37th place worldwide in attacks by local threats and on13th place in incidents with malicious hosts located in India.


Shrenik Bhayani, GM, Kaspersky Lab (South Asia), said, “The CISO Summit is an extremely important stage for all of us in the information security sector. Not only does it allow us to meet our colleagues, but helps us address the grave challenges that we need to counter. At Kaspersky, we have immense experience of Threat Management, having achieved 100% success rate with zero false positives for advance threats last quarter. The key to our success has been in staying ahead of the game and foreseeing problems that probably don’t even exist right now. It was a very fulfilling session and we gained immense insight from hearing our contemporaries speak, too.”


The exclusive by-invitation only CISO Summit had about 100 esteemed participants from all over India.