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Pi Datacenter witnessing a huge demand in service provider datacenter space

“While captive datacenters have been legacy the way of life, for enterprises in the past, there is a significant shift of preference, that is visible in the industry today, of enterprises opting for specialized datacenter service provider for consulting, hosting and managing their datacenter ecosystem. This shift owes to the operational (cost and maintenance) and technical (scalability and latest technology implementation) limitations, the captive datacenters pose.

Saying so, the captive datacenters would still have a pie of the cake and continue to have a lean existence, particularly owing to application environments, that are core to the business, compliance heavy and might not warrant too much scalability or flexibility in terms of underlying infrastructure,” says Durgesh Malepati, Vice President - DC Infrastructure & Projects , Pi DATACENTERS.

Pi Datacenter is witnessing a huge demand in service provider datacenter space but at the same time the company is completely aware of enterprises that are vying for transformation in captive environment.  

“As a datacenter service provider, we get to have an insider’s view of the market behaviour and pattern. The current picture in front of us is highly encouraging as we not only see a boom in the demand for service provider datacenter space, but we are also privy to enterprises vying for transformation, within their captive space as well. This is resulting into a win-win situation for enterprises and service providers, both in terms of healthy business and technology transformation and digital empowerment,” asserts Durgesh Malepati, Vice President - DC Infrastructure & Projects, Pi DATACENTERS.

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