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‘Rashi Peripherals has been in the forefront in launching GST awareness campaigns’


Rajesh Goenka, Vice President, Sales & Marketing - Rashi Peripherals


“Desktop and various Components like CPU, hard drive, RAM etc. are flying off the shelf since early July. This is predominantly because of either businessmen setting up GST PC or upgrading their old computers to suit the needs of the GST software. 

Rashi Peripherals has been in the forefront in launching various GST awareness and need campaigns. We have conducted various GST remote training programs, where we updated our partners to be ready with minimum specifications of components, which would enable them to make the PC GST ready. As a part of these campaigns, we did a 50 city road show covering over 1000 retailers and partners with a signage saying “GST PC AVAILABLE HERE”. This enabled SMBs and SMEs to have more comfort in going for the upgrade of GST PC. At the same time, Rashi Peripherals unleashed a campaign, where we educated various users on the basic minimum requirements of GST PC. This communication became a catalyst and users from SMBs and SMEs rushed to their suppliers to upgrade their PCs to suit GST needs.

About the prices of products and solutions going up under the new GST regime, it is not true. In fact the prices have marginally moderated. There could be some spike due to the gap between demand and supply at the channel level. Further, vendors along with distributors are running many GST promotional offers, which are making the offerings more aggressive.”