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Samsung Flip to modernize business meetings

Samsung India has announced the launch of a new interactive digital display – Samsung Flip, which facilitates collaborative digital engagement by alleviating the most prominent challenges businesses face when conducting meetings.


Flip delivers ace collaborative efficiency by condensing multiple tools and processes required for a traditional meeting into a sleek, stylish all-in-one design. It enables meetings to take place anywhere and anytime. Unlike traditional boards, no touch pens are required to interact with the screen and, notes can be erased through a quick palm swipe. Users can access up to 20 pages of writing space, with embedded search functionalities available to instantly direct participants to specific content.


This continuous, rolling stream avoids the lost time and interruptions that often result as participants have to search through multiple sheets of paper or lines of notes to locate a specific detail. Samsung Flip is not just perfect for office goers, entrepreneurs and business professionals but can also aptly find ample use cases in the academic sector.


“We are excited to launch the Samsung Flip in India, and we look forward to building upon this technology to help businesses work better, smarter and quicker. Flip’s intuitive interface is specifically designed to be user-friendly and allow for timely, uninterrupted conversation. Convenience is our overarching promise,” said Puneet Sethi, Vice-President, Consumer Electronics Enterprise Business, Samsung India.


The Flip display is completely customizable and can configure to portrait or landscape orientations to suit unique meeting needs. Since it is portable, the Flip can maximize writing space as per users preferred positions. If a meeting requires more centralized, roundtable-style discussion, users can connect the Flip display to a compatible wall mount.

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