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Serie Architects Enhances Productivity with Thecus NAS

The Challenge The success of an architecture firm is largely characterized by the cohesion of its members. The number of people working at each task depends on the project’s complexity, but the main factors determining the success of a project are the communication and collaboration with everyone on the design team. During the design process, members need to access and work with the same data as others in their group. An issue with collaboration at an architect firm is often file size, files from architectural software like Autocad are usually large. These files can take time to download and even longer to upload. At the Mumbai office of Serie Architects, the challenge at hand was having 20 users having to concurrently access, alter and store their data. To facilitate this exchange of information Team members were wasting time copying and pasting their data for colleagues to share these files. As well as lost time, this sharing procedure always ran the risk of damaging the timeline of each...