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Sony introduces its Headphone and Speaker lineup

Sony India has launched its headphone series and EXTRA BASS wireless speaker lineup for 2018. The headphones series is designed to offer stunningly premium and refined sound. To address the growing demand, Sony has further enhanced its EXTRA BASS wireless speakers lineup that will complement the consumer’s musical style quotient with its unique features.


The wireless noise-cancelling headphone, WF-SP700N, is combined with digital noise- cancelling technology and splash-proof design. The WF-SP700N, WI-SP600N, WI-SP500, WI-C300, WH-CH400 and WH-CH500 are enabled with one-touch connectivity, NFC and Bluetooth. The headphones – WF-SP700N and WI-SP600N – will become smarter with Google Assistant and will be optimized with an update.


Sony has also revamped its EXTRA BASS series with the inclusion of three new portable wireless speakers – SRS-XB41, SRS-XB31 and SRS-XB21. The lineup has been expanded keeping in mind Sony’s EXTRA BASS speaker growth. They are also waterproof and dust- proof with an IP67 rating. The user can now party with speakers on the beach, at a pool party or even put them in the mud without worrying about damaging them. Sony speakers can now connect up to 100 different speakers together via Bluetooth to create wireless party chain. The speakers are enabled with “Party Booster” feature which enhances every beat and gives the party an extra boost.


The WF-SP700N, WI-SP600N, WI-SP500, WI-C300, WH-CH400, WH-CH500, SRS-XB41, SRS-XB31 and SRS-XB21 will be available across all Sony Centres and major electronic stores in India.


The products will be available in all Sony Centres and major electronic stores across the country.

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