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The Bitter Twitter's accommodation for User's trust - Updating follower count across profiles globally

Finally Twitter says This week : We’ll be removing locked accounts from follower counts across profiles globally. As a result, the number of followers displayed on many profiles may go down... want everyone to have confidence that follower count numbers are meaningful and accurate.


An online micro analytical journal published its initial report last month that, the people on Twitter and how it was being used. It is discovered that 5% of users accounted for 75% of all activity. This finding was based on indexing 11.5 million accounts, and then looking at the top 5% users who accounted for most number of Tweets and 32% of all tweets made by the most active Twitter users, who were generated by machine bots that posted more than 150 tweets/day.


The actual percentage of machine-generated tweets among the most active users is probably higher than 32% because there are many bots that update less than 150 times/day.The most active users, 24% or one-quarter of all tweets overall, are generated by these very active bots. Many of these bots, however, are not spam. 


The Fact & figure for Most active Twitters are :


- The most active Twitter users updating more than 150 times/day, nearly all of them are bots operated by sources such as hotels offering deals, regional and national news services, regional weather services, the top news within Digg, games, anim services, tags within and financial aggregators. 


- Among the most active Twitter users with more than 50,000 followers, singer Tyrese (@tyrese4real), actress Alyssa Milano (@alyssa_milano), celebrity Tila Tequila (@officialtila), tv host Jonathan Ross (@wossy) and evangelist Guy Kawasaki (@guykawasaki).


- 60.6% of the most active Twitter users live in the United States, while 6.9% are located in the U.K, 4.7% in Japan, and 4.3% in Canada.


- The split between genders among the most active Twitter users is fairly balanced with 54% male, 46% female.


- 88% of the most active Twitter users have never missed a day without making at least one update, while another 2.1% have only been inactive for one day.


- 48% have more than 100 followers, compared with 6.3% for overall Twitter users.


- 44% of more than 100 friends, compared with 7.5% overall.


- 33.7% of the most active Twitter users have joined Twitter this year, compared with 72.5% of overall Twitter users who have signed up this year


- The most popular keywords within bios are Internet marketing, music lover, Web designer, video games, and husband/father.



Males vs. Females

The Facts: There are more men (54%) among the top 5% of Twitter users than women (46%). This compares to overall Twitter users in which women account for 53% and men, 47%.




The Facts: Among the top 5% of Twitters users, only 7.6% update less than once/day, compared with 85.3% of Twitters users overall who update less than once a day. As well, 40.5% of the most active Twitter users update more than five times/day, compared to 2.2% overall; while 16.5% update more than 10 times/day, compared with 1.12% of overall users.


As Twitter stops counting tens of millions of followers to crack down on illicit and suspicious activity, everyday public will take a hit to their follower counts, But the accounts with tens of millions of followers, the ones that make basket full of digital envy for their online popularity, will be in for a world of sting, as Twitter deflates their follower counts. As a result, most people will see a drop of their followers or fewer, according to the San Francisco company. The likes of Katy Perry (110 million followers) and Rihanna (89 million followers) could see their Twitter boomed slide significantly more than that as about 6 percent of the total combined follower count permanently vanishes.


The internet has experienced this kind of cool-death before. In 2014, the Instagram exaltation, when the Facebook-owned company slashed deactivated spam accounts and other accounts that violated its guidelines. Devasted users pray to the company to stop destroying follower counts as socially media acuteness celebrities such as Justin Bieber mourned the loss of millions of followers. 


Twitter has announced its latest efforts to build trust and encourage healthy conversation on the platform, with the removal of locked accounts that may result in a change in the number of followers displayed on many profiles. Most people will see a change of four followers or fewer; others with larger follower counts will experience a more significant drop, Twitter said in a press statement early Thursday. Twitter said over the years, it has locked accounts when sudden changes in account behavior were detected. In these situations, Twitter reaches out to the owner of the account and unless they validate the account and reset the passwords, Twitter will keep them locked with no ability to log in. This week, the company will be removing these locked accounts from follower counts across profiles globally. 



A few important things to note about the latest update:


• An account can get locked when Twitter detect sudden changes in account behavior, they may lock the account and contact the owner to confirm they still have control of it. These sudden changes in account behavior could include Tweeting a large volume of unsolicited replies or mentions, Tweeting misleading links, or if a large number of accounts block the account after mentioning them. Twitter sometimes lock an account if they see email and password combinations from other services posted online and believe that information could put the security of an account at risk — so they require accounts to change of their passwords for protection. Until the platform confirm that everything is ok with the account, they lock it which makes them unable to Tweet or see ads. 


• These accounts are different from spam or bots. In most cases, these accounts were created by real people but Twitter cannot confirm that the original person who opened the account still has control and access to it. Spam accounts (sometimes referred to as bot accounts) typically exhibit spammy behaviour from the beginning, are increasingly predictable by their systems, and Twitter can use their technology to automatically shut them down. Learn more about the company’s ongoing work to prevent spam on Twitter here. 


• This specific update is currently focused on followers because it is one of the most visible features on their service and often associated with account credibility. Twitter’s ongoing work to improve the health of conversations on the platform encompasses all aspects of their service. Once an account is locked, it cannot Tweet, like or RT and it is not served ads. 


• This change will not affect Twitter’s Monthly Active User (MAU) or Daily Active User (DAU) metrics. Removing locked accounts from followers doesn't impact MAU or DAU. Locked accounts that have not reset their password in more than one month are not included in MAU or DAU. 


Spam or bot accounts exhibit spammy behaviour from the beginning, are increasingly predictable by Twitter's systems and Twitter can use its technology to automatically shut them down. Removing locked accounts from followers will not impact the number of overall Twitter users that stands at 330 million MAUs, the micro-blogging platform stressed.


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