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The good governance starts and .......... ends with process

S.Mohini Ratna,

The recent decision of the Union Cabinet to allow the semiconductor industry to set up two chip manufacturing plants at a cost of Rs.25,000 crore will add to the strategic importance of US$70- billion Indian consumer electronics sector. The setting up of a fab unit is an indicator of the government's seriousness to establish a mature semiconductor industry. Similarly, India's UID project will lead to $10 billion worth of investments in IT consulting, system integration and computer hardware over the next five to six years. 

We are talking about free and open Internet as essential for the growth of digital economy and safeguarding freedom of expression. The new set of rules will impact all Internet firms which accept user-generated content such as Google, Microsoft, Rediff, Indiatimes, Yahoo!, and Facebook, among others. The new rules are set to regulate reader's comments on articles, user-posted videos, blogs, photos and comments on wall posts on online social networks. The Government of India has recently announced 160 MHz of spectrum that will be available next year for telecom operators for deploying broadband wireless access (BWA) services across the country. 

The opportunities in technology infrastructure development like Cloud Computing, Virtualization and Broadband connectivity will lead to technology evolution and the upcoming datacenters have a huge potential in the business. India datacenter services market is set to grow at 23 per cent CAGR over the next three years to 2012 to touch Rs.11,800 crore. Third-party datacenter services are slated to grow at 34 per cent to touch Rs.2,800 crore in three years and it has become possible due to the opening up of the market in view of the financial sector regulations as also execution of e-Governance projects. 

We need to look into the next era of growth.....

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