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UiPath, along with GMCS, offers RPA Services

UiPath has partnered with GMCS to provide solutions that increase operational efficiency and improve business performance using RPA to automate repetitive, time-consuming tasks. Via the partnership, launched in 2018, GMCS will enlist its extensive experience in the digital transformation and process automation fields and utilize UiPath’s AI-powered RPA platform towards delivering fully integrated solutions to GMCS clients, both in Russia and abroad.


In order to gain market advantage in today’s highly competitive landscape, organizations are increasingly seeking solutions to help them expedite operational processes, increase agility and deliver greater value to customers. By partnering with UiPath, GMCS will enable clients to complete routine tasks – including finance, accounting, corporate planning, HR, supply chains, customer service, IT support – with optimal agility. By delegating these processes to a virtual digital workforce of software robots, company employees will be able to focus on more strategic, creative and customer-facing initiatives.


Ekaterina Korbutova, Business Development Director and RPA Program Manager, GMCS, says, “We are happy to partner with UiPath, a leading provider of RPA solutions. If the previous few years have been a kind of a preparatory period, the time is now for enterprise RPA to truly take off. Unlike humans, software robots will be working tirelessly 24/7, 365 days a year. To date, we have about 10 RPA pilot projects. We are also building a portfolio of our own RPA solutions based on our project experience and best global practices.”


Razvan Atim, VP of Sales CEE & Russia, UiPath, comments, “We have shown our commitment to the Russian market by being the first RPA vendor to open an office, and set up a team to cater to local partners and customers. UiPath has been investing in the localization of the platform and service for Russian-speaking users in order to make automation even more accessible. GMCS is a strong partner to go to market with and help our common customers improve their work environment by creating a digital workforce and developing a culture of innovation in one of our strategic markets.”

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