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“We are here to help companies increase organizational efficiency through our solutions”

In a chat with VARINDIA, CA Kunal Singhal, Managing Director - Eazy Business Solutions discussed how since the inception of Eazy Business, the company endeavored to empower and aid MSMEs through efficient solutions. Also, in view of the fact that the company got empanelled under the "Digital MSME Scheme," Kunal believes it will act as a catalyst in the growth prospect of the enterprise.


Could you brief us about the company, Eazy Business Solutions? When was it formed?


Eazy Business Solutions, a brainchild of CA Kunal Singhal, was incorporated in the year 2007. At a young age of 24 he observed the challenge that the MSMEs were facing to transit from popular Tally financial software to major MNC ERP brands. He saw a business opportunity and thus developed India's first Tally integrated ERP Solution software.


Within a short span of time Kunal has been able to establish Eazy Business Solutions as a well known company for providing IT solutions and have also acquired 200+ clients, viz, MDH, Shell, Kamdhenu, Hindustan Pump, Bikano, Toyota, etc, to name a few.


The enterprise has a veritable Pan-India presence, allowing great reach and accessibility to companies across the nation. We have also expanded our reach internationally, viz, Middle East, Africa and Bangladesh.


With a strength of 120 enthusiastic and professional employees, Eazy Business Solutions has become one of the fastest growing ERP Product, Project Development and IT Consulting companies.


What is the growth agenda for the company, given the various opportunities like Make in India, Digital India and so on that the govt. has thrown open?


Since the inception of Eazy Business Solutions, the core aim of the company has been to create value and empower all type of businesses by aiding efficient solutions worldwide. To make this a reality we have always believed in leveraging all the opportunities at our disposal.


"Make in India", one of the most revolutionizing initiatives slated by the government has undoubtedly encouraged end number of enterprises to develop and cultivate their products in India. Eazy Business Solutions has very well utilized the opportunity and developed India's first Tally integrated ERP Software solution to encourage MSMEs to adapt to Information and Communications Technology (ICT). Furthermore, to strengthen this endeavor we have made ICT available on cloud and to add on we have also been empanelled under the "Digital MSME Scheme", launched by the Ministry of MSME, government of India, to provide the service at a subsidized rate.


The "Digital MSME Scheme" will surely act as a catalyst in the growth prospect of our enterprise, as a huge number of MSMEs are expected to adapt to ICT, considering the cost effectiveness of the scheme.


EAZY BUSINESS SOLUTIONS has recently been empanelled for the MSME scheme. What role will it play and how are you going to tap this opportunity for gearing up the company's future growth?


The "Digital MSME Scheme" was launched by the Hon'ble MSME Minister, Shri Kalraj Mishra on 27th June 2017 in New Delhi. The main objective of the scheme is to facilitate the adoption of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) amongst the MSMEs. It is indeed a visionary step slated by the government which is expected to act as a channel for helping MSMEs grow their business.


Eazy Business Solutions is one amongst the few companies to have been empanelled under the "Digital MSME Scheme". The scheme which has been laid out particularly for MSMEs, has empowered us to promote ICT on a larger scale by showing maximum benefits of ICT with minimum cost, which is sure to tickle the minds of the enterprises. By leveraging this empanellement we would be able to augment our clientele which will strengthen our future prospect of acquiring 1000+ client data base for Cloud based Eazy ERP within first year of its launch.


Who are some of the customer verticals that you are serving at present?


Eazy Business Solutions has three major IT software services in its offering, viz, Tally integrated ERP, DMS and POS. We mainly cater to customers belonging to verticals like manufacturing plant, retail/garment, food processing and pump industry. Some of our prestigious clients are, MDH, Kamdhenu, Bikano, Toyota, Shell, Hindustan Pump etc, to name a few.


What does your solution portfolio for the India market comprise of? Do you also have accounting software in your offerings?


Enterprise Resource Planning has been streamlining the business functionalities for almost a decade, but yet, there are some loopholes that cannot be overlooked.


Enterprises faced predicament when it came to accounting their business data. There was an ardent need of accounting integrated ERP solution software. CA Kunal Singhal saw the gap and thus with the support of his dedicated team brought innovation by integrating Tally with ERP in order to bridge the gap. It came to be a "one window solution" for enterprises. Eazy ERP software is an innovation in itself as it is the first ERP software in the county that comes with Tally integration. Hence, with streamlining business functionalities it also takes care of the accounting.


We have a Tally integrated ERP software solution. We also provide the facility of integrating Tally in existing ERP software.


What is your go to market strategy? (how do you sell and market your products)


Our mission statement aims at providing highly capable and affordable enterprise software solutions to help organizations improve their operational efficiency. Keeping this in mind we carry forward our sales and marketing strategy.


We build our network and database through industry association, participating in major exhibitions, product demonstration in workshops and other related activities that enhance our sales.


We have an integrated marketing approach for boosting the image and positioning of our brand, which majorly includes digital activities.


With all the strategies in place we aspire to position ourselves as a pioneer and leader in providing the most valued solutions in ERP software Industry worldwide.


How competitive is the software market at present?


The software market in India has captured a large chunk of the IT sector and is expected to grow at a rate of 12-14 percent. Considering the growing size of the market, the competition in undoubtedly high.


There are various categories of companies operating in this sector, viz, MNCs, small enterprises, fly by night operators, etc. In such a competitive scenario Eazy Business Solutions has been able to strengthen its roots by serving the industry for almost a decade which reflects on the quality of clientele we have on board.


MNCs undeniably have a strong hold in the market but at the same time lack in certain respects, like, cost efficiency, handholding approach, customization, etc, whereas Eazy Business Solutions provide services that are cost friendly, highly customizable and offer a handholding approach to its customers.


We at Eazy Business Solutions keep our technology inline with the current trend in order to have an edge over our competitors, one recent example is, we have introduced all our IT services on SAAS.


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