Tech Talk

Tech Talk : 5 Person Speech
Dr B K Murthy, Scientist G and Group Coordinator MeitY

"The Digital India programme of Government of India has led to a strong foundation in terms of digital infrastructure, expanded digital access and the information services that today you can get on the figure tips of your mobile devices. This has poised now the next phase of growth that we want because there already has been a foundation that has been laid; now you want to build on that what happens to be the creation of tremendous digital economic value and empowerment of citizens with the new digital applications. India is among the top countries today that has experienced the fastest digital adoption by any other country ever in the world. These could be achieved only through a combination of proactive government actions, business innovations, investments and new digital applications."

Ramu Raghavan, Country Sales Manager HP Enterprise

"HCI (Hyper-converged infrastructure) has been the most commonly used technology for 3-4 years. HPE always believes in the partner ecosystem. In my 16 years of career at HPE, I have seen that HPE has always done business with partners. We have always seen customer transformation but before we transform customers it is important we understand the newer technologies like hyper converged infrastructure and some Wi-Fi technologies which we offer with Aruba. The world is moving towards a consumption based model; so when cloud came in people started moving into cloud, which provides agility and cost-savings. HPE and its partners can work together to provide those consumption model approach, hybrid-cloud and Wi-Fi."

Harsh Marwa, Chief Growth Officer iValue InfoSolutions

"$750 billion is the amount paid by the businesses to the hacking community last year. The way it is growing, everybody is giving a forecast that by 2020 2021 it is going to be $2-3 trillion. If we give an organization perspective to it, this is going to be the fastest growing industry. The World Economic Forum in its 2nd year of succession talked about 5 Risks looming large on mankind and society and two of them were about the cyber world one is on data theft and the other is on cyber attacks. As per as a recent survey done, organizations today spend more than 11% of their budget on cyber security but if you look at their posture assessment, it has dipped. There is something definitely wrong and we need to change this outlook."

Naveen Grover, Zonal Head North, Sophos India

"Sophos is a 35 year old organization and one of the leading companies in security. While citing a few data from recent surveys, the kind of challenges most of the customers are facing are visibility, management and third is security consolidation. As our partners must be knowing, our Sophos security solutions address all these three major concerns. We are a security organization that is having a solution portfolio starting from network gateway security to mobile security. These days our endpoint devices are our mobile phones. We do not believe in working in silos. If you see the major reports of consultants, when you are using multiple solutions of a single OEM, they complement each other. This is the approach of Sophos now. We work on synchronised security approach where you are using our multiple solutions and our customers can manage all these solutions on a single console. "

Subhasish Gupta, Regional Director (India & SAARC) Extreme Networks

"We have invariably noticed a few things when we talk about customer pain areas be it an enterprise customer, a corporate house or any of the government organizations. Today the network has become a very important component of any establishment. Every application runs on your IP backbone which is where the network comes in. We talk about a wired and a wireless platform; from a tech side historically networks have been pretty much fragmented. When we talk about a wired environment, which is basic switching or routing gears, you need to have various network management software, while for your wireless environment you need to have different management tools. Today what every customer is demanding is how you look at a single pane of glass through which you can manage your complex networks. This is where the industry is growing. We have not reached a stage where any vendor can say that they have everything in one pane."