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Barracuda unveils AI Solution to address cyber fraud defense

Barracuda Networks has announced the availability of Barracuda Sentinel, a comprehensive AI solution for real-time spear phishing and cyber fraud defense. Barracuda Sentinel is delivered as a cloud service and utilizes artificial intelligence to protect people, businesses and brands from spear phishing, impersonation attempts, business email compromise (BEC) and cyber fraud.


Barracuda Sentinel combines three powerful layers of artificial intelligence technology, domain fraud visibility, and anti-fraud training, into a comprehensive solution that guards against these personalized attacks. Barracuda Sentinel directly connects to communication platforms, such as Microsoft Office 365, which allows immediate access to current and historical data required to understand an organization’s existing communication patterns and prevent impersonation attempts.


“Spear phishing is rampant. It is no longer just the large enterprises or C-suite that needs to be on high alert – everyone is a target,” said Asaf Cidon, Vice-President of Content Security Services, Barracuda Networks. “We see novel combinations of highly personalized tactics –spoofing your domain, impersonating your CEO, engaging in convincing conversations with your employees. In today’s dynamic threat environment, the best defense includes a combination of people and technology. Barracuda Sentinel leverages artificial intelligence to give customers – people – a comprehensive way to stop spear phishing and cyber fraud attacks in real time.”


Barracuda Sentinel is powered by a multi-layer AI engine that detects and blocks spear phishing attacks in real time and identifies which employees are at highest risk of spear phishing. Barracuda Sentinel examines information from multiple signals to learn the unique communications patterns of each company and to analyze the content of the messages for sensitive information. Barracuda Sentinel combines this messaging intelligence to determine with a high degree of accuracy whether an email is part of a spear phishing attack.


Barracuda Sentinel gives companies visibility into domain fraud and protects against spoofing by setting up DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication Reporting & Conformance). DMARC allows companies to monitor emails sent from their domain, ensures deliverability for legitimate email traffic, and prevents unauthorized messages from being sent from company domains. Barracuda Sentinel delivers visibility and analysis of DMARC reports, which prevents spoofing-based spear phishing and brand hijacking.


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