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Behind every change in this country, there is either a corporate or a disruptive technology

Rachana Bhusari,
Chief Manager (SME), National Stock Exchange

“If you look around, India is changing rapidly. And every change we see, we feel that there is a large corporate behind it or there is some disruptive technology that is causing this change. But in my opinion, any economy or any change in any country is driven by small & medium enterprises; SMEs contribute close to 8% of the GDP and around 80% of the export of industrial items in India. So any economy you look at, SME becomes the backbone and is pivotal for the growth of that economy. The same goes with India; 40% of the industrial output and 45% of exports is through SMEs. They are also the largest employment generator and contributes 8% of the GDP. So it is really heart-whelming to know that India is growing and SMEs are a pivotal change."

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