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“Blockchaining India's Digital Future – Blockchain and ICO” concluded in Mumbai

India’s biggest-ever Blockchain event, “Blockchaining India's Digital Future – Blockchain and ICO”, concluded on a highly successful note in Mumbai. The day-long event aimed to increase awareness and know how on blockchain technology and its implementation across various sectors of the Indian economy.


It is reported that the Blockstein and Innov8, in association with the Indian Blockchain Council, have planned to conduct a series of such events to shed more light on different aspects of blockchain technology. In order to achieve this objective, they have partnered with In2IT Technologies to build a community over Blockchain technology across India. The events are scheduled to take place in the next three months across all major cities in India, including Delhi, Bangalore, and NCR, among others. The underlying idea is to open Indian Blockchain Council chapters across all major cities and build the developer and enthusiast community for Blockchain in India. The event in Delhi will be held on October 7, 2017.


Speaking on the occasion, Vishal Nigam, Co-Founder/CEO Blockstein and Chairman Indian Blockchain Council, said, “2017 should be the year where there is more implementation of products utilizing blockchain tech, and less talk about blockchain tech being the magical pixie dust that can just be sprinkled atop everything. Of course, from a customer’s viewpoint, this will not be obvious as blockchain tech should dominantly be invisible – even as its features and functionality improve peoples’/business’ lives. I personally am familiar with a number of large-scale blockchain tech use-cases that are launching soon/2017. This implementation stage, which 2017 should represent, is a crucial step in the larger adoption of blockchain tech, as it will allow skeptics to see the functionality, rather than just hear of its promise. Blockstein is one that startup which will be launching various products and solutions within 2017 over blockchain and cryptocurrency.”


As per the Deloitte-Assocham report, published in April 2017, the disruptive potential of blockchain, with its decentralized ownership, immutability, and cryptographic security, is now catching the attention of top executives across industries. Moreover, according to the global research firm MarketsandMarkets, the Blockchain market is estimated to grow from $210.2 million in 2016 to $2.31 billion by 2021. With increasing awareness regarding the huge range of benefits associated with moving their operations to the Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform, enterprises aim to solve complex, real-life problems using blockchain platforms.


The pioneering event successfully positioned itself as an interactive platform where startups, technologists, finest minds of the fintech ecosystem, thought leaders, analysts, and blockchain enthusiasts from across the globe shared their knowledge on one of the most sought-after technologies in the world – Blockchain. During the event, Indian Blockchain Council (IBC) has joined hands with two startups over the conference to help them build the solutions over Blockchain. Moreover, IBC and Blockstein have got together to start the developer community for building the blockchain technology ecosystem globally.


Pravash Dey, CEO, Indian Blockchain Council, said, “IBC and Startup India must join hands together in order to build the most stable blockchain ecosystem across the world. IBC being the official chapter for Blockchain Technology across the country plans to join hands with all the state government in order to build the solutions over it. We are also now focussing over the Smart Cities and how blockchain will be an effective technology that can be helpful to build better solutions for the Smart Cities.”


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