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Check Point to continue its focus on new technologies to combat fifth-generation attacks

Prateek Grover
Marketing Manager - Check Point Software Technologies 

“Marketing needs to be relevant and add value as we are all emotional beings looking for context and connection. In today's world where fifth generation cyber-attacks are lurking at every corner, many enterprises still harbour the mindset of denial such as 'It won't affect us' and is playing into the hands of cyber criminals.The fifth generation cyber-attacks which are played as large-scale, multi-vector mega attacks that inflict major damage on any business and its reputation.

We work closely with the sales team, creating lead generation and awareness campaigns towards achieving sales objectives. Channel marketing gives us insights into a partner eco-system and help us create strategic programs from enablement, certifications and joint marketing.

Check Point’s marketing is a data-driven function where we leverage on data from CRM and marketing automation platform, together with web analytics and historical data to build our marketing strategy. Regardless of the size of a company, marketing needs to be viewed as a business critical function and one that collaborates closely with sales in order for an organization to be successful and eventually thrive.
We continue to focus on our new technologies and drive the message on fifth-generation cyber-attacks through all marketing channels."

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