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Debasish Mukherjee, Country Manager India & SAARC, SonicWALL

"Today, every business into digital support weather, small, mid-size and enterprise businesses succumb to cyberattacks (Malware and attacks that simultaneously target separate parts of the network) and hacking attempts are common for small businesses due to poor network security.


Your business may not be able to afford dedicated IT staff, but unified threat management solutions, provided by a managed IT service provider, solve most common cybersecurity vulnerabilities, leaving hackers to get into your system and take whatever crucial data he would require.


Let’s understand from the security companies ,who brings their expertise into Unified threat management (UTM) system, Firewall, which comes with a software (which is through on-line) as well as hardware( much debatable topic) is a type of network hardware appliance, virtual appliance or cloud service that protects businesses from security threats in a simplified way by combining and integrating multiple security services and features.


Now, question is what is there in the hardware side and how the software supports the customer. Let’s understand how companies differentiate in various types of protection. Secondly, about the cost factor, which comes with affordability and lastly after spending huge amount in the infrastructure, weather it is 100% hack proof.


Small businesses are low-hanging fruit, compared to larger organizations, and hacking a few small businesses successfully is far more profitable than trying to hack a major company."

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