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Digital and marketing analytics is an important component at Netmagic

Prasenjit Roy
Senior VP & CMO – Netmagic (An NTT Communications Company)

With the growing number of tools available to aid marketers in understanding consumer behaviour at a faster rate and a deeper granularity, the digital space is constantly evolving. Due to this evolution, marketers across multiple industries are still not in the same wavelength when it comes to understanding the potency of digital technology and the changes it can engender.

“Netmagic places significant emphasis on the importance of digital and marketing analytics that will help us to shape, execute and support the growth agenda while delivering on our customer promise. Our digital marketing strategy drives a successful lead-generation tactic that is targeted to meet several criteria. Our actionable leads are primarily generated through – search engine marketing (SEM), Social media advertising, email marketing, direct email, events or trade shows, and so on.  Few of the key ones are –

•    Reaching a specific audience of our target customers;

•    Generating and tracking a large numbers of marketing qualified leads for the company;

•    Creating funnel of sales qualified leads
•    Measuring the costs and ROI.

Moreover, companies are increasingly deepening their customer relationship by leveraging what they know about a given customer to personalize offerings. We engage them vide customer round tables, surveys, and promotion through media and analyst reports. We organize our customized customer forums or events to learn more about their requirement and accordingly feedback to our Sales and the Product Development team,” explains Prasenjit Roy, Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer – Netmagic (An NTT Communications Company).

Netmagic today is at the tipping point of leveraging the mobility and disruptive technologies to enable clients to implement truly Digital IT. It has its unique identity, position play and specialization in Hybrid IT – the management of complex IT environments including multi-cloud scenarios by a single solution provider. Moreover it is the only end-to-end infrastructure Solution Provider who can act as a one-stop shop for needs pertaining to Multi- Clouds, Dedicated Hosting and Managed Services. Its continued investment in efforts and innovation of its services line has not only been appreciated by its customers, but also by several CIO and analyst communities.