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D-Link fosters a cordial relationship with both its customers and partners    

Anoop Jarial
VP – Product Marketing, D-Link (India)

While acquiring customer is an important aspect of business, engaging with them on a regular basis is crucial. Understanding customer needs, connecting with them, and aligning business processes to deliver desired output that meet their needs is the key to fostering a long term vendor-customer relationship. With the accelerating pace of change, the role of marketing in an organization has also broadened and is more aligned towards business growth. While marketers continue to reach out to their market place through traditional medium, it is imperative to also adapt to newer trends which encompasses use of digital platforms which has almost become ‘voice of the customers’ these days. 

“In today dynamic market place, strategic & focused marketing plays an important role as it provides for competitive edge and leads to long term success of the organization. In the process it is essential to analyze market conditions, customer buying pattern, take a note of external environments that influence markets like economic, cultural, political, and then accordingly device a strategy that will help meet both short-term & long-term company goal. At D-Link, we have a multipronged strategy to reach out to both distribution network as well as end-consumer. Throughout the year we connect and engage with channels/re-sellers/LFRs/eCommerce partner and empower them to address growing demand for D-Link networking devices. Similarly we reach out to end consumers through various informative and innovation campaigns to update them on our latest products/solution offerings. Our marketing approach includes a mix of tradition media like print, and new age digital platform like social media that aims to foster a long lasting customer relationship,” says Anoop Jarial, VP – Product Marketing, D-Link (India).

D-Link realizes the importance of a sound & effective customer engagement strategy. With its marketing campaigns in the past, and also as it moves forward, D-Link seeks to extend its innovative networking solution to the masses as well as business enterprises and help differentiate the brand positioning basis the product & service offerings.

“At D-Link it is our unique positing & brand reliability that has helped D-Link retain market share across different product segments. We continue to be undisputed leaders in Wireless & Switching. D-Link is certain to carry forward the success in future. The present government focuses on driving the country's economy and digital infrastructure has broadened the horizon for brands like ours, and we look forward to being a part of nation building process in this digital era,” says Anoop.