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Meetali Sharma, Corporate Risk & Information security leader- SDG Software

As leaders prioritize their technology adoption and digital transformation, these five enterprise technologies represent their most urgent areas of need – Security, Cloud computing, IoT, Ai/cognitive computing and Mobile technologies and applications.


“This is going to be the year when Artificial Intelligence and Cloud are going to define the industry,” says Meetali Sharma, Corporate Risk & Information security leader- SDG Software. “With the emerging threats, security is also going to one of the focuses for the companies. Keeping that in mind, we have our GRC platform and our core focus would be to enhance that platform for AI and then moving into cloud while embedding big data and analytics into it. Since we are into information security, our focus will also be to sustain the security posture of the organization, build cyber resilience and for doing that we will be focusing on standards like ISO, CMMI and PCI.”


She further adds, “It is an agile world and technologies keep on changing; emerging threats and technologies are there. So if you are planning everything in a phased manner then it will be easier to move from one technology to the other. It has to be based on certain risk assessment and the result would be able to help you determine which technologies you need to adopt and when you need to plan those transitions.”

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