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ORION ERP to help enterprises transform through its “Cloud” & “Digital” offerings

ORION ERP is an integrated, cost-effective and cloud-enabled industry solution for growing and mid-sized enterprises, from 3i Infotech. The solution is built on future-ready technology stack to digitally empower organizations and help optimize business processes to make informed decisions through anytime access to dashboards and analytics, available on multiple deployment options, including both On-Premise and Cloud. ORION ERP process packs are flexible and scalable solutions that cater to various industries, including manufacturing, trading & distribution, contracting, logistics, retail, banking, insurance, procurement, grant management, HRM, etc.


3i Infotech is focussing on integrating the new-gen technologies to innovate process automations using robotics, machine learning and IoT. They are also building “Taskbots” using open RPA Technology platform which can bring significant value to its customers. The company is working on IoT Interfaces along with AWS services to address the client’s needs in this space to connect various Manufacturing Sensor-based data to bring in control in the manufacturing processes.


Blockchain initiatives using “Open Chain Technology” is also being explored for the customers to have their digital distributed ledger management and digital asset management.


“ORION ERP offers industry-specific solutions that are designed for rapid implementation, and organizations can rely on a single partner from implementation to training, with low-cost of ownership. It compels and combines a dynamic workflow management, notifying engine for rapid enterprise search and offers anytime, anywhere access through web interface, mobile apps & mobile dashboards,” said Suryanarayan Kasichainula, EVP & Business Head (ERP), 3i Infotech.


“The recent upgradation of ORION ERP is ORION 11j, driven by latest design innovations, making the solution functionally rich, with a pedigree that has rising demand across multiple verticals. We are investing and building solutions on the initial success in the developed and emerging markets, with successful implementation of VAT in GCC countries and GST implementation in India and APAC,” he added.


The company has a marquee set of clients, both globally and in India. In India, some of their key customers include – Faber-Castell, Gandhar Oil Refinery India Ltd, along with many other banking customers. In GCC countries, the customers include – City Pharmacy, Al Khoory Group, Jumbo Group, InterCare, AGE Group, Al Fozan, Technical Seal Company Limited. In APAC – Hafele, Mega Lifesciences, and in Africa – Edgars and PS Kenya are some of their customers. ORION ERP has more than 800 customers across geographies including India, the Middle East (UAE, KSA, Qatar, Kuwait and Oman), Africa, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore. The ERP customer base is concentrated in the emerging markets, including MEA, KSA, and Thailand.