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Ravinder Arora, Head, Information Security - IRIS Software

“Like any other organization, my organization is currently focused on 3 things - Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Internet of Things. If you are in the information security field, you have to be on your toes and have to learn something new every day. Like if IoT is our focus, then we have to understand the security control for big data,” Ravinder Arora, Head, Information Security - IRIS Software.



Today, digital has become the quintessential platform for any customer to interact with businesses, before taking any other point of engagement. With global digital commerce revenue over $1 trillion annually, organizations view digital business as their fuel for growth. In the years to come, this might change again. Riding with this wave of change, a CIO has to see how best he can fit himself/herself in these situations that require adapting to new technological developments, business models and rising customer demands. It is also up to a CIO of how he/she can lead this innovation and capture the opportunity with their business colleagues and determine which side they play on in the great digital game of disruption.

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