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R&M to present its self-contained micro data center at DCW 2018

R&M is presenting its Telco Edge micro data center at Data Center World in London – the largest, most influential gathering of data center expertise – on March 21 & 22, 2018 at Data Center World.


The Telco Edge is a self-contained micro data center with built-in cooling, UPS and integrated fiber-optic cabling, as well as automated tracking and documentation of network cabling and IT assets. It is 99.9% noise insulated, prefabricated in the factory, and delivered in one piece, making it perfect for the edge location. As a result, customers can reduce latency and quickly add capacity while providing a secure and easy to manage data center environment.

Central offices of telecom companies are the ideal space for data centers at the edge. Through this new offering, R&M is addressing the latency, processing speed and asset tracking challenges telecom customers are facing as a result of the growth of connected devices. So, we made simplifying the edge deployment the first thing on our minds.


At stand D710, R&M is also demonstrating the latest pre-configured cabinet solutions for SMEs in the UK market and the Netscale Blade Cabling Manager (BCM), a fibre solution specifically designed for modular switches that enables a reliable, flexible, and highly efficient cable infrastructure throughout the data center.


The integration of R&Minteliphy technology for Automated Infrastructure Management (AIM) makes Netscale the first ultra-high density platform with infrastructure management functionality. R&MinteliPhy supports 100% real-time remote physical control of links and assets and the centralized management of networks of any size and at any location


R&M is also launching the new MPO-QR connector. The MPO-QR connector follows the same concept as R&M’s LC-QR, and can be locked and unlocked via the boot so that connectors and adapters can be packed more closely together. It can be operated via the rear and the user no longer needs to directly grasp the front of the connector, as is the case with conventional MTP connectors. In this way, the MPO-QR provides a packing density of up to 1,440 fibers (or 120 ports) per rack unit.