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By VARINDIA    2011-08-22

Role of Partners in Cloud Computing

S. Mohini Ratna, 
Editor - VARIndia

A turbulent US market does not augur well for the Indian IT outsourcing sector. This is obvious because it accounts for close-to 60% of the industry's total revenue. This pessimistic outlook stems from the fact that the US  economy is in a sorry state. Add to this the debt crisis in Europe, which is likely to engulf countries like Italy and Spain. Japan, the world's third-largest economy, is already reeling under the after-effects of tsunami. However, there is a glimmer of hope. Authorities are of the opinion that the current volatility is temporary. Hope there will be recovery soon. 

The role of partners is increasing with the increase in the adoption  of cloud computing. No surprise that vendors are making conscious  efforts to take the partner route to achieve the business objectives  through cloud. Partners like solution providers and VARs are trying to  reach their customers (large enterprises, SMEs and SMBs). 

With Indian SMEs growing at a rate faster than 30 per cent, they offer a huge opportunity for cloud players in India. With over 26.1 million  SMEs, this sector is expected to contribute around 22 per cent to the  country's GDP by 2012. According to worldwide cloud services study conducted by an industry expert, SMBs' spend on cloud computing is expected to  reach US$100 billion by 2014. 

Many top IT companies are of the firm view that steps should be taken to  educate the partner community with their own typical go-to-market  approach combined with incentive programmes. This will increase the  adoption of cloud. The goal for achieving US$2-billion business from   cloud in India will take at least two years. It will be in the fitness of things that partners should be made aware of the benefits cloud computing provides. 

On the occasion of the13th Anniversary issue of VARIndia, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the readers, vendors and stakeholders. Let us find  more from the report cards of vendors and distributors on their annual performance in the forthcoming issue.

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