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Technology Consolidation helps... Double-Digit Growth

S. Mohini Ratna,

There was a time when competitive edge was determined by the number of services you had. With the proliferation of technology, it has become possible for everyone to have something for everyone.     

The scene has undergone a change. Today, the focus has shifted from the number of services to the quality of service.  Profits now don't come from volumes but from cost efficiency.  

Though security companies are making their sincere efforts to address the security concerns, the threats loom larger than ever before. The number of threats is increasing in geometrical progression.

As the data traffic on wireless networks is increasing and proliferation of new devices and data applications is a reality now, it is incumbent upon the service providers to manage the cost of their expanding networks, maintain healthy ARPU and profitability and reduce time to RoI. With the coming of 3G in the telecom space, there has been a substantial rise in the consumption of video services.

One of the most incredible aspects of working in the technology industry is the ability to drive change and when we talk about technology consolidation Desktop Virtualization is driving growth for servers for better utilization and also as a Green initiative.

Debate on whether social networking sites decrease productivity at workplace is raging on. Several organizations are not allowing employees access to these sites.

These days, Google's acquisition of Motorola Mobility has been the topic of discussion. Apart from 17,000 patents that Motorola Mobility has in its kitty, the share of Android OS smartphones is expected to touch 22 per cent as against only 9 per cent in 2010. This puts Google on a strong wicket to effectively compete against rivals like Apple, Research In Motion, Microsoft-Nokia and Samsung.

 I would like to thank all the readers and industry friends for their wholehearted support for contributing to the success of the 13th Anniversary issue. We look forward to your continued support for helping us in bringing the ultimate voice of Indian VARs to help your business grow.

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