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The Platinum LEED certification given to our datacenter is a great move

Sridhar Pinnapureddy, Chairman and Managing Director of CtrlS says, “Our Datacenter has been awarded a Platinum LEED certificate by the US Green Building Council, making it the only Datacenter in the world to receive such certification. We will continue to innovate and ensure our business is both profitable and environmentally sustainable. A lot of data flows through the silicon city. The future plan is convert all our DCs to be solar powered in the next 5 years".

Unique Propositions
CtrlS has recently launched its Tier-4 datacenter in Bengaluru with a LEED Platinum certificate. The new facility promises 100% redundancy and near 0% downtime for mission critical applications. It will serve country’s banking, insurance, e-commerce, internet organizations and other business enterprises running mission critical applications. The new datacenter building is enabled with solar power and other sustainable sources which ensures that the datacenter will not run out of power at any point.  Moreover, it is an earthquake-proof building, with over 9 levels of security (Military Grade Security).

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