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Today we carry three times more technology in our pockets than what used to be in the 40's

Rajesh Ramnani
Director, Hyper Converged Solutions, Dell EMC 

“Alan Turing was the person who created the first computer. It was way back in 1943 when Germany was in war with England and was not called a computer then. He created this machine to help England decipher codes that Germany was sending out. Now those codes had to be deciphered and ultimately what came out was a machine that weighed some 18 tonnes; lot of technology went into it. People found that the machine was of value and they started to make it simpler because it was this that saved their lives. Having said that, today we people don’t want to keep something that takes time to build, manage and take it around. So the technology that was there in that machine, we happen to carry three times more technology today in our pockets.”

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