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When we talk of organizations, we are talking of people and not of concrete cement

Dr Kuiljeit Uppaal
Image Scientist & CEO, Krea 

“When we talk of organizations, we do not talk of brick, concrete or cement; rather we talk of people. So while we do our infrastructure building, the fact is somewhere down the line we as in individuals need to understand that we are the core essence of our organization. It is time we relook at ourselves and understand how we can contribute concretely to our organizations in our own way. The entire journey of image management that I have pursued in the course of my research is more to do with digital transformation. We are living in a digital era but when we talk of us individuals, we all leave behind digital footprints which are kind of permanent in nature – how we appear to be and how we are perceived by people around us is solely dependent on how you evaluate and control your image.”

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