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Asoke K. Laha, President & MD, Interra IT The other day I asked a bookshop owner, how his business was? I was worried that I would hurt his s...Read more..

S Mohini Ratna Editor VARINDIA   Digitization has touched every aspect of human life. It is altering how organizations are looking at bus...Read more..

A 25-year-old Indian entrepreneur, investor, and TEDx speaker, Farrhad Acidwalla started off as one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the world and is...Read more..

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Managing inventory is one of the key challenges for any small business today. Ensuring that the right stock is available at the right place at the rig...Read more..

"The China smartphone market has deteriorated by 15.5%, whereas, In fact, China, the biggest market, has degrown by 15.5% and clocked around 398...Read more..

With a focus on human progress through technological innovations, Dell EMC aims to provide data protection from edge, endpoint or central. The company...Read more..

C J Venugopal presently is the Principal Secretary to Government of Electronics & IT department, Govt. of Odisha. Before that, he has served as th...Read more..

As DDoS attacks grow more frequent, more powerful, and more sophisticated, many organizations turn to DDoS mitigation providers to protect themselves...Read more..