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Convergent Technologies help customers capture the tertiary sales with its technology

Sujit Panigrahi, Co-Founder & CTO- Convergent Technologies

“As the name suggests, 'smooth XRM' a product that we have, if you look at the typical CRMs that you find in the market they all cater to the end customers. Our smooth XRMs actually solve that particular problem; what we are looking at is extending that relationship to both partners and customers. So partners are extremely important for all the OEMs. Essentially when you look at the industry leading CRMs, they typically do 3 things - first, they do sales performance tracking, essentially the primary sales from the company to the distributors. But they do not capture the tertiary sales, the sales that actually happens in every stores. So, what we do is, we help companies and large OEMs to be able to capture the tertiary sales from every point of sale. Second thing is about marketing communication, typically it is either to customer or to the sales team and not necessarily to the channel partners and the third thing is about service and the support. Again either the sales team gets involved or the customer support is separate one.”

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