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InterraIT organizes a technological event on digital transformation

“Digital technologies continue to transform the work, how we interact with colleagues, and the value we deliver to clients and customers,” said Asoke K.  Laha, President & Chief Executive Officer, Interra Information Technologies. Asoke was speaking at an event on “The Future of Digital Transformation” that was organized by InterraIT as its Noida office.

The conclave brought in experts on digital transformation and analytics, including Aniruddha Guha Sarkar of InterraIT; Sameep Taneja of Accenture; Depender Kumar of Grant Thornton; Anshul Kumar of Cvent; and Deepak Kumar Sahu of VARINDIA.

A wide array of issues pertaining to digital transformation, including artificial intelligence and machine learning were brought up in a lively discussion. According to Depender Kumar, “It is time to make digital decisions and prepare for an interface-less future.”

The panellists were unanimous in their view that it is important to adapt all organizational systems and processes to digital transformation that is sweeping the industry and the corporate landscape.   Anshul Kumar pointed out, “Disruptions will do some collateral damage, so let’s be ready for that.”

Asoke Laha concluded by saying that decision-making in regard to digital transformation is data driven, and leadership must focus on providing insights to marketing and customer engagements.

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