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Rashi Peripherals has conceptualized many innovative programs to enable its partners

Rajesh Goenka
Vice President, Sales & Marketing - Rashi Peripherals

The role of CMOs has marked a significant transition from a Marketer to a Business enabler over the years. Today, a CMO’s major responsibilities include business consistency, creation of new revenue streams and the company’s internal and external positioning. There are many factors that influence the success of a CMO but in my opinion Conviction, Leadership and Trust are the three major parameters that determine a successful CMO.

“In the span of over 13 years, I have identified numerous business prospects for Rashi Peripherals and its stakeholders. In my capacity as a Vice President, Sales & Marketing, I focused on identifying new growth opportunities that commensurate with the objectives of the organization. It is said that Innovation is a key to success. I have driven many innovative marketing campaigns, which were highly applauded in the industry,” says Rajesh Goenka, Vice President, Sales & Marketing - Rashi Peripherals.

He further continues, “Robust and loyal channel base is very critical criteria for an organization’s success. I conceptualized innovative channel programs like ARP (Authorized Rashi Channel program) and RSI (Rashi System Integrator program) to build a strong and committed channel ecosystem. These programs were highly appreciated among partners and enabled Rashi Peripherals to have one of the most loyal channel base in India. In fact, a survey conducted by GFK in 2013, assert our commitment towards partners. In the survey, Rashi emerged as a strong relationship oriented organization with high scores on channel friendliness and partner involvement.”

Rajesh also conceptualized special programs for partners’ families such as NSC certificates for their children’s education, gifts to their spouse, and foreign tours.  “My foreign trip programs way back in 2001 were one of the first in the industry, where we took almost 100 partners to Star Cruise and 60 partners in Tokyo, which was unheard during those days,” he says.

Rajesh takes a lot of pride to say that irrespective of market conditions Rashi Peripherals has marked a consistent growth of 25% percent CAGR over the last 15 years. Apart from being instrumental in this fascinating growth journey, Rajesh has extensively worked towards representing Rashi Peripherals as a holistic IT solution provider company with a more diverse and balanced product portfolio. “Today, we have a healthy mix of Component business (23%), PC business (25%) and Mobile business (about 25%). I can vouch that no other distributor in the world can have such a balanced portfolio. I consider this as my one of the biggest achievements as a CMO,” he sums up. 



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