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Financial technology has grown as an industry today

Shailendra Mandrawadkar
VP – Enterprise Sales – Happay 


“Happay is leading the technological revolution in India. And it is true that financial technology has grown as an industry today. Just recently PM Modi had been to Singapore attending a Fintech event and he hinted at why and how the fintech is the next big thing. And Happay as a company is doing a lot of innovative work in the fintech area. Companies going forward are going to spend a lot of money in the fintech domain. So if you want to get a big share of the pie in the revolution happening, you must look at partnering with fintech companies. Today a lot of the start-ups that are coming up in the fintech space. There are also companies that are spending a lot to automate & digitize their travel and expense management. So as partners you too can explore this space.”

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