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Marketing continues to strengthen Vertiv’s  new brand positioning

Today’s hyper-competitive business landscape is rapidly organising itself around the customer. More so because the internet and evolving distribution models have changed the way consumers discover, engage and relate to brands. What once depended less on data and more on psychology and creativity now relies on both. This is most exciting times for CMOs as they are experiencing a shift in the technology and are being as creative as they can.

“Marketers are innovating with their strategies to approach new customers, engage with existing and potential customers and finally creating a brand perception to retain them. Our resolution to offer best in class customer service will only help us in creating better relationship with our customers,” states Dipti Singh, Head – Marketing & Communications - Vertiv India.

She further continues, “At Vertiv, this year is the most promising year for us to get identified as the new independent entity from the Emerson umbrella. And now as challenges and demands grow, marketing continues to find better ways to help strengthen its brand positioning, recall, mindshare and image. Our portfolio spans power, thermal and infrastructure management products, software, services and this year Vertiv team could roll out events across these solutions. Being an integral part of the company, marketing served as the centrifugal force to drive more than 100 events in a span of 9 months from its launch on Dec 2nd 2016.”

Marketing managers are typically responsible for the brand image today. Being inherited with strong views, they view the business holistically, working closely with other departments and ensuring that marketing activities are connected to wider company goals and objectives. The onus lies on them to ensure that every customer is attended with utmost priority providing the best solutions be it in-person interaction at events, digital platforms, press releases, advertising, ATL promotions, e-mail marketing, schemes, offers and many more.

“We are witnessing an era of disruption, with technology progressing and evolving at a faster rate, organizations are taking initiatives to be on top of the game. With government announcing initiatives like providing 24x7 electricity by 2019 or moving towards a cashless economy has widened horizons for companies like Vertiv to be a part of rapidly emerging technologies. Even the need to increase storage capacity, big data generation, and the strategy of companies to expand by establishing local datacentres are propelling the demand for datacentres across the country,” concludes Dipti.


Dipti Singh
Head – Marketing & Communications - Vertiv India


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